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Data is reshaping everything. The role of a Data Scientist is to use their curorisity and imagination to allow data to reveal its value. This can be achieved by applying simple self-organising mathematics, Natural Language Progressing, Statistics or aggregating vast and diverse data sets. An Open Source Data Scientist uses open source licensed software applications to allow any project to benefit from the collective intelligence contained within data.

August 2014- current - Peer to Peer Science: a new way of SenseMaking Dsensor uses Peer to Peer technology to apply the scientific method to data collected from sensors. Traditionally, truth is established in science by experiment and the process of Peer review, Dsensor updates this to a computational consensus based on the Mapping Protocol. Use of Artificial Intelligence software techniques to keep sensor data and science computations honest.

March 2012 - current Open Sport Project First project was to build a swimming analysis and sensor collection infrastructure. Built a WIFI hardware stopwatch, touchpad and Raspberry Pi networking solution for poolside deployment. Statistics software and data visualisation UI built, Smart Stopwatch & Graphics & Video

March 2008 - 2012 LifestyleLinking Open Source Project Text Data Mining and Machine Learning Categorisation application for blog RSS feeddata.

Jan-Feb 2012 Working with Voxgen voice recognition checkout application to connect with a Persona Data Store.

Dec 2011 DRUPAL Banchory Festival Built sheet music download service and online entry form for their annual festival.

June to October 2011 : A community interest company offering a Personal Data Store (PDS). Built jQuery / PHP PDS, including REST API, Triple Store and User Managed Access (UMA) protocol.

May 2011 Joomla:

August 2002 - June 2008 text mining categorisation of blog data for business. Focus on whisky brand and product taste and experience extraction.

Wordpress: Voluntary


Cloud Computing: AWS EC2, S3 & RSD

Software: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, PHP, Python, UNIX, OWL/RDF SPARQL, SQL, NoSQL, Bitcion, Ethereum, Ardunino, Electronics, PtoP Networking