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My economics story

I was born with a seed of a vision instilled in me and now that has blossomed to a rainbow of meaning. Every day is an opportunity to gather, review and visualize the information the fuels my vision.

Education combined with my small business family up bringing and mixed with a limited view of the wider world from television started to equip me with purpose. This initial phase concluded during my University years where I studied, economics and accountancy. I recall my first ever economics lecture, where the Professors opening comments were that 'economics is all about the allocations of scare resources". "Eureka", I thought to myself. That is what I have come here to achieve. He then followed up with the rather somber selection of words "economics is all about making the best of a bad job". I don't and still do not accept that view.

Studying Economics provided me with a discipline to construct my view of how the world ticks. From this vision and theory application was next and entrepreneurship the tool.

To be continued . .. . . . . .. .