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Chapter 1

They watched with anticipation as the liquid metallic digits on the checkout till whirled up the total of their shopping. Would they have made the right choices? Up till now their parents had made all the decisions but now they are on their own and that filled them with both excitement and fear. Most of their life's to date had been spent in the aisles of education to prepare them for this moment.

Elizabeth had been educated at Harayle Academy and had excelled. Whether it was in English classics, mathematics, sport or music she had been awarded with certificates of achievement or had won trophies for the school and herself. She replayed these in her mind to boost her self confidence. In particular she recalled the time when as part of the softball team she had been given the responsibility to take the decisive penalty in the inter schools grand final. One history lesson had highlighted the day when the first girl had taken the final penalty for her country and she reach inwards to grasp some of the courage of that player. In an instant her built up body torque transferred into the ball and the ball was in the back of the net. Darkness was her next recollection as the team piled on top of her but a shaft of light gleamed from the score board where she noted her name and the winning score shone.

Those digits reminded her of those that had just appeared on the till. She was happy to see one twenty-five appear. That is what she had expected to see. She felt reassured.