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Time Line Family Friends Lifestyle

1973 June Born, Torphins, Aberdeenshire.

1978 August First attended Aboyne Primary School.

1985 August First day at Aboyne Academy.

1991 October First day, The University of Aberdeen.

1995 July Graduated with a First Class Masters of Arts Honours Degree in
Economics and Accountancy.

1995 October First day of short lived career with KPMG.

1996 August Entrepreneurship takes centre stage in my life as I find the courage to live my vision.

1996 to current. Over the last 8 years I have been involved in some exciting journeys with roller coaster highs and lows of starting new businesses.

Intrigued by the financial markets, marketing hedge funds was my first venture which eventually lead to a proposal of setting up an online bank with a UK Plc.

The Internet dotcom era arrived late in Europe and was a crashing wave but I secured half a million in funding and got a software business started. This experience taught me that when visions are not aligned a team will not pull in the same direction. I left to preserve my health and apply the vision with more purity in founding www.ecotorch.com and www.fairstory.co.uk


My mum and dad run their own small business in Aboyne as the local capenter, joiner and building contractor. I have an older brother, Charlie and he's married to Pamela and they have a daughter, Tabitha and two younger sisters Gail & partner Dave, daughter Carrie and Jennifer & partner Pete.


I have a great mix of friends scattered around the world. These fall in to three main groups; school friends/university, clubs and societies and my entrepreneurial network.

Mike Anderson, now in Oz


Swimming is my main sport at present. I train with Silver City Blues based in Aberdeen and Upper Deeside Amateur Swimming Club Masters in Aboyne.

I also enjoy playing the violin and fiddling out Scottish tunes.